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Welcome to Sublimation House

High-Quality Sublimation Printing
Sportswear Design & Manufacturing 

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Sublimation House -
"Where your vision becomes reality."

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Not Sure What Design To Go For? Get Some Inspiration For Sublimation Design Ideas On Freepik

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Who We Are

Sublimation House offers high-quality sublimation printing that will not peel, crack or fade. Using the latest digital printers and calendar presses, we ensure that orders are created on time and with the highest quality. Our moisture management fabric is durable and long-lasting, making it ideal for a range of applications.


Why Choose Us

State-of-the-Art Printing Technology

Our printing technology is state-of-the-art and produces high-quality, long-lasting prints that will not peel or fade.

Customized Service to Meet Your Needs

We offer customized printing  & design services to meet your specific needs, ensuring that your order is exactly what you want.

Durable, Moisture Management Fabric

Our moisture management fabric is durable and long-lasting, making it ideal for a range of applications.

Experienced Design Experts

Our team of professional design experts is here to help you with the entire design process.

3D Balls in Rainbow Background

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  • Where do I get design ideas from when designing my teams new look
    At Subhouse we have a highly skilled design team that will assist you in every step of the design process, we also utilize search engines to search for sublimated designs, which bring forward great ideas
  • Can I have a photo sublimation printed?
    Yes, an ideal resolution is 300 DPI, preferably save your image in PNG format as it allows you to preserve transparency,
  • How long does sublimated print last on sportswear?
    The fabric is heated, causing the dyes to turn into gas and sublimate, or fuse, into the fabric. As the dye becomes embedded in the actual fibres - it results in a permanent print. This ensures your sublimated design lasts for a lifetime without cracking or peeling over time.
  • Can you print on water-repellent fabric?
    Yes, sublimation print is heat transferred onto the material and does not affect the breathability or water resistance aspects of the material.
  • What is the minimum order one can place
    We accept orders from as little as 5 items to a bulk of 10 000
  • How long does it take to finish an order of say 15 rugby jerseys?
    It depends on the intricacy of the design, an average order of 15 rugby jerseys should take about 2 weeks to complete.
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