Established in 1991 as a screen printing company, Sublimation House has set the global standard in printing and design in unique and high quality sportswear and other printed products in South Africa. For over 20 years, this printing and design company from Parow East, Cape Town has utilized technological innovations in sublimation printing to provide the utmost quality to its clients. Sublimation House has demonstrated the ability to deliver large orders on time and with the utmost care, even when it comes to processing an order of more than 10,000 units.

To emphasize its commitment to quality, Sublimation House prints and even manufactures in house and has a professional design team that gives expert advice in the design process. This attention to detail has earned Sublimation House the title as the leading printing corporation in the Southern Hemisphere.

Supplying to retail, corporate and international markets, Sublimation House supports athletes through custom designed sportswear in a number of sports such as rugby, hockey, ice hockey, running, cycling, netball and soccer. In addition to sports, we offer our top-notch printing and design services to printed products such as banners, flags, caps, and even school utilities.

With such versatility and commitment to quality, the dominance of Sublimation House in printing and design will surely continue to benefit consumers all over SA and the rest of the world.