Looking Better: Where to Get New Design Ideas for your Rugby Jersey

The sport of Rugby has gained absolute popularity in the last three decades. It is a full contact sport, a game of brute strength, and nothing can boost a rugby team’s spirit like a well-crafted rugby jersey.

The mindset of a team can dramatically change with the changing colors and designs of the team’s jersey. In designing any sportswear, one must consider several aspects. Factors that are of consideration in designing any jersey or sportswear is the type of activity involved in the use of the apparel and also latest trends. Here, we list some ideas on how to find designs for your rugby jersey.

1. Think Rugby. Think of a design that will prevent opponents from grabbing you.

In the case of rugby, since it’s a full contact sport and requires enormous amounts of movements, it pays to have a jersey material that is light weight and more skin tight to discourage jersey pulling and for it to stay lighter even in wet weather; also something cool for added comfort! Polyester moisture management fabric (breathable) is used for rugby jerseys. These days there are no limits to the design or colours preferred. Smaller and nonexistent collars, round or V-necks are preferred so as to prevent opponents to grab them.

2. Long Sleeves of Short Sleeves? You might want to consider your location and its weather condition.

old school

Before, all rugby jerseys sported long sleeves.

Some players rolled their sleeves up above the elbow. Specific positions such as tight head props, for example, cut their sleeve off to prevent their opposite from binding on it during a scrum. For cold conditions, long sleeves are of preference. Today, manufacturers offer a variety of sleeve lengths from long, short or three quarter. Jersey numbers denote players’ positions, it is also important that patterns are carefully selected. They are always contrasting in colour.

3. The league or union you are playing needs to be considered as well.

It is also important to consider whether the team is joining a league or a union. Rugby league jerseys are almost always designed with a large V from shoulder to shoulder and to the naval at its apex, whereas Rugby union jerseys are not.

4. Do you need a lot of prints? Where to put them?

Now, the things you should consider are the colours, cuts and logos of the team. Where should they appear, and should they appear altogether? Prints generally appear on the abdominal area of the shirt and should be seen conspicuously for audience and sponsors to notice. Sublimation House supports the WESSA Rhino initiative and the logo gets printed on the jersey


5. Get the classic design. Get the classic feeling.

In the 1800’s, the Rugby shirt originated in the town of Rugby, England, the same place rugby was first played. The Rugby shirt was traditionally designed with 5 or 6 horizontal stripes in alternating colors; it is long-sleeved and has a buttoned collar. This alternating color combination began when many teams merged to form one. For instance, a university or club would select two colors to best represent their merged team. Thus, the classic Rugby shirt design was born. Truth is the classic still sizzles up to these days.

6. Just have fun with the design.

When designing a ruby jersey, you don’t really have to think too much about what you must and must not wear. The sport of rugby is all about having fun. When looking for ideas on designing your jersey, think of something that will make your team look happy on their rugby shirts. Get light colors or find a theme. Rugby shirt designs are also about your creativity.


Because of the increasing demand for more intricate and detailed jersey designs, old methods are no longer sufficient in providing these design requirements. Sublimated Rugby shirts are the latest form of rugby jersey and are made by infusing colors of the design into the fabric at high temperature. The Sublimation process transfers your designs from transfer paper to polyester fabric using heat and pressure. This allows unique designs to be created with numbers, club / team and sponsors’ logos, and build it all into a single sublimated design that helps prevent tear offs and makes the jerseys last longer.

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