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The main difference between the two printing methods is as follows. With sublimation printing, the digital image is printed onto a special transfer paper and from there high heat is used to transfer the dye into the garment’s fibers. When it comes to screen printing a screen with an image that needs to be transferred to the garment is created and ink is then squeezed through pores in the screen onto the garment.

Sublimation printing verses screen printing by Subhouse in Cape Town
Sublimation versus Screen Printing by Subhouse in Cape Town


The biggest difference between the two methods is that with sublimation printing the dyes are transferred into the fibers of the garments and with screen printing, the ink is transferred onto the garment. The effect of this is that with sublimation printing you have a print that will last as long as the garment and your print will not fade or crack. Because the ink is transferred onto the fabric during the screen printing process it will start to show signs of wear after many washes. Another big advantage of sublimation printing is that moisture management material stays breathable even after the print is completed. With screen printing, the process seals the fabric and this is not preferable when it comes to sportswear where you will sweat more under the printed material.


Sublimation printing also allows you to print your garment from seam to seam which will provide you with more options when deciding on the design of your garment. The most amazing feature of sublimation printing is that your design is only limited by your imagination. Anything that you can design digitally can be printed on a garment. That is because the image is printed on the transfer paper and from there onto the garment through the heat transfer process. The result is a garment with photo-quality colors and finish. The screen printing process only allows you to print one color at a time, making it very difficult and impractical to use too many colors. Screen printing will be more practical if you have a simple design and not too many colors.

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